The sensors are capable of measuring the heartbeat, the brainwaves sent out by our cerebral activity and micro-variations in our bodily perspiration, leading to the identification of various mood changes and emotional reactions of people.
The project originated from the idea to create environments, situations and objects that change based on the visitor’s psychological, emotional, and behavioural state.


An interactive installation that takes visitors on a journey amidst music and virtual scenes modified by the bodily position of the person seated on the throne, the movement of the hand holding the sceptre, and the heartbeat.At the end of the path the oracle provides his response.
The installation, which delves the navigator into a world modified by his or her own physical and mental state, allows visitors the opportunity to take an inner journey.

Neuronde - 1997

An interactive installation that allows to plunge into a scenario that changes in accordance with the brainwaves of the person seated.
Sounds, smoke, light and wind playing with soaring pieces of silk create an environment and a space that is directly connected to our inner world.

                                                                                                         video – 1999/2007

An emotional environment that reacts to the range of a person’s movements like a virtual, immaterial body with voices, lights and wind, expressing their interest or annoyance, amusement or sadness, excitement or rage.
A meeting between man and machine in which the machine gives a new sensibility to the space.


Korazone – 2004

An interactive lamp that emits pulsations of light and sound based on the user’s heartbeat.
Designed to construct spaces of light modified by a person’s vital signs, Korazone allows users to listen to and be immersed in a physical and emotional dimension.