Games have always elicited an intense emotional response.
The project originated from the idea to retrieve a player’s emotional state and to use this data as conditional elements in the game.

RITMI – 1997

An interactive installation that allows four people to play with their own heart beat. Each person must sit at the table and place their finger on the sensor that reads their heartbeat.
By pressing a button the person can change the tone of their cardiac rhythm. The final effect is the simultaneous generation of the four heartbeats with continuously changing musical effects.


M.OTU – 2005

An interactive installation inspired by Japan’s national sport, Sumo Wrestling. 
Two contenders, seated at a table with a built-in monitor in the middle, place their hand over a sensor that records their emotional state.
The players must push the button at the right moment in an attempt to push their adversary’s pawn outside of the circle.
The player that remains the calmest will be given more Emotional Energy that can be used during the attack.