Correnti Magnetiche 1985 - 1996

CORRENTI MAGNETICHE, a collective project, was the result of the interaction between artists and professionals from various backgrounds with a shared interest in communication using new electronic technologies.

The idea for CORRENTI MAGNETICHE originated in 1985 in Milan through a meeting between musician Riccardo Sinigaglia and painter Mario Canali. This pair was soon joined by Flavia Alman who provided the design and images, computer-programmer Sabine Reiff and Tommaso Leddi for electronic music.

The first works produced were two and three-dimensional audiovisual “compositions” with a special focus on the relationship between music and images and live-electronic music concerts.

CORRENTI MAGNETICHE was soon invited to take part in major national and international electronic music events, receiving awards and recognitions in the United States (West End Contest, At&T Contest), and in Europe: Austria (Prix Ars Electronica in Linz), Germany (European Media Art Festival), Belgium (DigitArt), Hungary (Digitart Award), Switzerland (World Graph award at the Video Art festival in Locarno), France (Imagina of Montecarlo), Italy (Triennale in Milan, Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, anthology exhibit at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo, The Image and Film Maker Award in Milan, The Immagine Elettronica Award in Ferrara, The Gabbiano d’Argento in Bellaria and the Nastro d’Argento in Rome).
The CORRENTI MAGNETICHE works were broadcasted by major public and private television networks in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary.

In 1992 Flavia Alman and Sabine Reiff created the interactive work entitled TELESPECCHIO, which led to CORRENTI MAGNETICHE’s exploration of new technologies that make it possible to fully interact with the public and to generate electronic images in real time.

In 1993 Mario Canali and computer scientist Marcello Campione, with the contribution of Stefano Roveda, created the SATORI virtual reality station.

In 1994 Stefano Roveda and Flavia Alman created the digital interactive character named EUCLIDE, animated by Giacomo Verde.

Flavia Alman and Sabine Reiff continued their research work on identity and interaction with the creation of the installation entitled IDENTIMIX in 1994, ANAMORFIC GENERATOR in 1995 and the AUDIO-PORTRAIT trilogy of installations (THE COLOR OF VOICE – THE WEIGHT OF WORDS – APPEARANCES) in 1996.

In 1995 Mario Canali, along with Marcello Campione, cabinet maker Leonardo Aurelio and psychologist Elio Massironi, created the ORACLE-Ulysses installation and in 1996 the POLIOLOFONIA holophonic sound installation and the immersive work entitled INSIDE.

The anthological exhibit at the Rocca Paolina fortress in Perugia held in 1996 marked the end of CORRENTI MAGNETICHE.