Immersion has always been one of the most enthralling experiences.
For man, a journey to the otherworld has always been a means used to better understand ourselves and the world.
The project originated from the idea to create immersive situations and virtual worlds that are not a replica of our reality, but enthralling worlds where visitors can experiment with new adventures and new methods of interaction.

SATORI - 1993/1994

An immersive-style virtual world (helmet plus joy-stick) made up by over ten “spaces” connected together by “portals”.
The person sits down on the armchair, puts on the helmet and grabs the joystick to navigate. 
The spaces in SATORI feature objects, buildings, characters, events and “rules of the game” waiting for the visitor to begin giving shape to a story, or an adventure.


INSIDE – 1996

An installation that provides users with an immersive experience.
Thanks to a play with mirrors, visitors will find themselves in an infinite space by placing their head in the hole in the panel.
A computer-generated dynamic sign is transformed into a form accompanied by music that follows its continuous evolution.
INSIDE provides the archetypal experience of the egg and birth.