Fragmenti 1998 - 2000

Together with the Reload cultural association, in 1998 Mario Canali was involved in the restoration of the abandoned industrial area of Sesto San Giovanni (former Breda warehouses).
In addition to the architectural restoration work, the project also involved the construction of a Cultural Entertainment Centre.

The main idea behind the project was to bring together entertainment, shows, study, research and production in a single area, with a special focus on the changes that digital-technological progress has had on the overall social, individual, artistic and cultural sphere.

In the summer of 1999, Mario Canali and performer Xena Zupanic organized the FRAGMENTI exhibition to reveal the project guidelines, with eleven days of events, meetings, performances, debates, concerts and readings.

Inside another abandoned facility with a surface area of over 2000 square meters, the MaGe of CONCORDIA-FALCK facility offered a seamless experience for a bar, a conference area, a stage for performances and another for concerts, and sculptures – interactive installations of Canali, the robots of Gaetano Muratore, and wood creations of Leonardo Aurelio.
The program brought together and harmonised spaces and events, alternating the psycho-magic conferences of A. JODOROWSKY with the theatrical performances of Xena; lessons on the reinvented body by STELARC with electronic music concerts; the surreal reflections of G. BOCCHI and A. CARONIA on cosmology, evolution and communication with the MOTUS theatre; readings about E. DAGNINO’s wartime photographs with debates on metaphysics and trash culture.

The impressive attendance figures and consensus exceeded every expectation and laid the foundation for further growth.